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Keynote Speaker

24 February 2010, 10:10 - 11:00
Erik Qualman, author of Socialnomics: How social media transforms the way we live and do business
"Socialnomics:  It's a People Driven Economy, Stupid"


Social Media has overtaken pornography as the top activity on the Web and the time is now for companies and individuals to learn about Socialnomics.

Qualman takes creative liberty with adjusting James Carville's famous 1992 Clinton Campaign line from "It's the economy, stupid" to "It's a people driven economy, stupid."

This modified phrase helps accentuate a key point of Socialnomics, which professes that, just like we no longer search for the news today, rather it finds us; soon we will no longer search for products and services rather they will be pushed our way by our friends and acquaintances via social media. As a result of this shift, the products and services that provide the best value will win, rather than the companies that are the best at marketing and messaging. Socialnomics explores why flourishing companies are acting like Dale Carnegie; listening first and selling second. 

One unique aspect of Socialnomics is that while looking at the business uses of social media the book details how social media has changed individuals online and offline behavior, because what happens in Vegas no longer stays in Vegas, rather it stays on YouTube...Facebook...Twitter, etc. 


. Why social media isn't a fad, but rather a revolution
. How companies and individuals are achieving success in social media
. Successful businesses need to act more like content aggregators and party planners than advertisers
. Why in the future we will no longer look for products and services - they will find us

"Social Media isn't just for the Next Generation - it's for every generation. Whether you're an entrepreneur, a media professional, a college student or a mom, social media will shape your future. Don't be overwhelmed by it; read Qualman's book instead." -  Miami Herald 


About Erik Qualman - Socialnomics
Erik Qualman (37) is the author of Socialnomics: How social media transforms the way we live and do business. Socialnomics (Wiley 2009) made Amazon's #1 Best Selling List only after three weeks of publication. Qualman is a frequently requested speaker of the Fortune 500 and has been highlighted in numerous publications including: BusinessWeek, The New York Times, USA Today, Forbes, Mashable, The Huffington Post, AdvertisingAge, CNET, and Investor's Business Daily. He has also been interviewed on various global radio and television programs. Qualman has helped grow the online marketing and eBusiness functions of Cadillac & Pontiac (1994-97), AT&T (1998-2000), Yahoo (2000-03), EarthLink (2003-05) Travelzoo (2005-08) and is currently the Global Vice President of Online Marketing for EF Education (the world's largest private education company). Qualman holds a BA from Michigan State University and an MBA from The University of Texas at Austin. He was Academic All-Big Ten in basketball at Michigan State University and still finds time to follow his beloved Spartans while living in Boston with his wife.