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Prof. Carlota Perez

• How can a sustained and sustainable global golden age be achieved?
• What role does truly universal high-speed internet access have in achieving that goal?
• Why and how are ICT, “green” and full globalization intimately connected?


These questions will be answered by Prof. Carlota Perez, the author of Technological Revolutions and Financial Capital: the Dynamics of Bubbles and Golden Ages.
Carlota Perez is an interdisciplinary scholar working in the tradition of Joseph Schumpeter. She is a Research Associate at Cambridge University, UK; Professor of Technology and Development at the Technological University of Tallinn, Estonia and Honorary Research fellow at SPRU, University of Sussex, UK. She is a renowned international consultant and lecturer. www.carlotaperez.org


In her keynote speech, "The Role of Internet Access in Sustainable Global Growth", 9 February 2010, 10:10 - 11:10, Prof. Perez will bring lessons from the history of technological revolutions to argue that the most effective way to achieve a sustained recovery is to shape the demand opportunity space, nationally and globally, through facilitating the profitability of widespread “green” innovations, deepening globalization and extending high quality internet access to all.


The FTTH Council Europe was very curious and asked Prof. Perez: what can we expect from your keynote at the FTTH Conference in Milan? Read the written interview with Prof. Carlota Perez here.