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EPIC Symposium

Symposium on FTTH Technologies: Components, Systems, and Smart Design

Organised at the FTTH Conference 2010 by EPIC


Participants can download the presentations here with the username and password they received. The presentations can be found after the name of the speaker. When it states N.A. either no slides were used or we have no permission to disclose them.
Please scroll down to view the programme and download the presentations.


The growth of the FTTH business depends on several factors, of which FTTH access technologies are an important element. While the ultimate result of deployment of FTTH almost everywhere in Europe is no longer in doubt, developing FTTH technologies will play a big part in the timing. In a business environment, timing is everything. Growth in FTTH deployment will require more complex network architectures in order to distribute ever higher bandwidth content to subscribers. Here you can learn about what those architectures will look like, what kind of data rates will be transmitted and the components you will need to work with in a few years’ time. Growth in FTTH deployment will enable new applications, such as data centres. These mass data storage centres, made famous by Google, may become an important part of many business operations. This year’s symposium will present the latest outlook for developing FTTH technologies: fibre-optic components for FTTH, design of FTTH networks, taking into consideration emission of Greenhouse Gases, and applications that need FTTH connections to prosper.
Download a PDF version of the EPIC Symposium Programme here.


European Photonics Industry Consortium                        Thomas Pearsall
17, rue Hamelin                                                          General Secretary 
75016 Paris, France                                                     Phone +33 1 45 05 72 63 
www.epic-assoc.com                                                   pearsall@epic-assoc.com

24 February 2010 Day 1
Session 1: FTTH Network Technologies



- 14:30-14:55 Dr. Jörg-Peter Elbers, VP Advanced Technology, ADVA AG Optical Networking
“WDM-PON Technologies for FTTH Access”


- 14:55-15:20 Curt Badstieber, Project Leader, Nokia Siemens Networks
“Ultra-dense Access Network Architecture Serving >1000 Clients, Including Coherent Technologies” 


- 15:20-15:45 Dr. Gerlas Van Den Hoven, CEO, Genexis
“10 G PON and Point-to-Point PON”

Speakers:Dr. Jörg-Peter ElbersPresentation:N.A.
Curt BadstieberPresentation:EPIC_Curt_Badstieber.pdf
Dr. Gerlas van den HovenPresentation:EPIC_Gerlas_van_den_Hoven.pdf
Coffee Break
Session 2: FTTH Network Technologies



- 16:30-16:55 Dr. Michael Robertson, VP Research Programmes, CIP Technologies
“Energy Conservation Strategies for the FTTH Network”


- 16:55-17:10 Dr. Roland Wessäly, Managing Director, Atesio (Sebastian Orlowski, Axel Werner, Atesio, and Maren Maartens, Zuse Institute Berlin)
“Cost Optimal Design of FTTx Networks”


- 17:10-17:25 Dr. André Richter, Director Product Management - VPIPhotonics, VPISystems
“FTTX-PLAN – Planning the Upgrade of Today's Passive Optical Networks”


- 17:25-17:40 Rosie Cush, Senior Research Scientist, Oclaro
“Low Cost Tuneable Lasers for High Performance, Flexible Access Networks”

Speakers:Dr. Michael RobertsonPresentation:N.A.
Dr. Roland WessälyPresentation:EPIC_Roland_Wessly.pdf
Dr. André RichterPresentation:EPIC_Andre_Richter.pdf
Rosie CushPresentation:EPIC_Rosie_Cush.pdf
25 February 2010 Day 2
Session 3: Component Technologies for FTTH



- 9:30-9:55 Christophe Kazmierski, Project Leader, Alcatel-Thales III-V Lab
“Remote Amplified Modulators: Key Components for 10Gb/s WDM PON”


- 9:55-10:20 Prof. Xing-Zhi Qiu, Project Manager, IMEC/University of Gent
“10Gb/s Burst Mode Receivers”


- 10:20-10:35 Dr. Norbert Grote, Deputy Dept. Head, and Norbert Keil, Fraunhofer Institute for Telecommunications, Heinrich-Hertz-Institut
“Polymer Based Integration Platform for Access Components”


- 10:35-10:55 Dr. Jonathan Schrauwen, Caliopa
“Silicon Photonics Multichannel Transceivers Enable 100+ Channel Point-to-Point FTTH Central Office Linecards” 

Speakers:Christophe KazmierskiPresentation:N.A.
Prof. Xing-Zhi QiuPresentation:N.A.
Dr. Norbert GrotePresentation:N.A.
Dr. Jonathan SchrauwenPresentation:EPIC_Jonathan_Schrauwen.pdf
Coffee Break
Session 4: Technologies and Applications for FTTH



- 11:30-11:55 Dr. Anthony Kelly, Amphotonix
“High Performance Polarisation Independent Reflective Semiconductor Optical Amplifiers in the S, C and L bands”


- 11:55-12:20 Ioannis Tomkos, Athens Information Technology
“Electronic Equalisation Technologies for FTTH Access Networks”


- 12:20-12:45 Dr. James Lott, Chief Technology Officer, (co-authors Prof. Nikolay Ledentsov, CEO, and Jörg-R. Kropp), VI Systems GmbH
“Similarities in Datacenters, Local Area Networks, and Fiber-to-the-Home Systems: Trends, Bottlenecks, and Opportunities for Vertical Cavity Surface Emitting Lasers” 

Speakers:Dr. Anthony KellyPresentation:N.A.
Dr. Ioannis TomkosPresentation:N.A.
Dr. James LottPresentation:EPIC_James_Lott.pdf