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Programme Presentations

Participants can download the presentations here with the username and password they received. The presentations can be found after the name of the speaker. When it states N.A. either no slides were used or we have no permission to disclose them.



10 November 2009 Day 1
Download Participants List here

Participants List

Speakers:Participants ListPresentation:ParticipantsList.pdf
Opening Session

Official Welcome and Keynote Speech by Jordanian Minister for ICT

Speakers:HE Eng. Basem Al RousanPresentation:N.A.

Speech by Minister of Telecommunications & IT - Palestine

Speakers:Dr. Mashour Abu DakaPresentation:Dr_Mashour_Abu_Daka.pdf

Speech by President of FTTH Council Europe

Speakers:Karel HelsenPresentation:N.A.

Speech by Chair FTTH Council Europe Middle East Group

Speakers:Faris AwartaniPresentation:N.A.
Coffee Break
Case Studies: The Business Case

The Business Case

Every FTTH project needs a strong business case. Using case studies provide insight into what makes a successful business case; this session will investigate both the cost of installing FTTH and the costs of operating the network. Speakers will share their experiences of launching new services, attracting customers and the impact of take-up rates on the business case.


Chris Holden, Member of the Board of the FTTH Council Europe


- Nga Lai Alice Wong, Financial Controller, Hong Kong Broadband Network Ltd.
"Profitable Fibre Opportunity - A Turning Dreams into Reality"
- Eng. Jehad Ali, Director Engineering and Operation, VTel-Holding-Jordan
"VTEL Jordan FTTx Network"
- Alexandra Rehak, Principal Analyst, Analysis Mason
"Case Studies of FTTH Outside of the Middle East: Innovative Approaches and Critical Issues"

Moderator:Chris HoldenPresentation:Chris_Holden_moderator.pdf
Speakers:Alice WongPresentation:Alice_Wong.pdf
Eng. Jehad AliPresentation:Eng_Jehad_Ali.pdf
Alexandra RehakPresentation:Alexandra_Rehak.pdf
Lunch Break
Analysts Session: FTTH Market in the Middle East

FTTH Market in the Middle East

The annual rankings from the three FTTH Councils provide a benchmark for authorities around the world. In this session, industry analysts will present a complete overview of the worldwide markets for broadband and FTTH. They will also examine the specific situation in the Middle East today, and the opportunities and outlook for fibre deployments in the region over the next few years.


Nadia Babaali, Communications Director of the FTTH Council Europe


- Jawad Abbassi, Founder and General Manager, Arab Advisors Group
"The Internet and Broadband Markets in the Arab World: Current Status and Prospects for FTTH?"
- Roland Montagne, Director Telecoms Business Unit, IDATE
"FTTH/FTTB Global Panorama"
- Dearbhla McHenry, Senior Analyst Middle East & Africa, Pyramid Research
"Best Practices in Pricing and Positioning for Fibre in Emerging Markets"

Moderator:Nadia BabaaliPresentation:Nadia_Babaali_moderator.pdf
Speakers:Jawad AbbassiPresentation:Jawad_Abbassi.pdf
Roland MontagnePresentation:Roland_Montagne.pdf
Dearbhla McHenryPresentation:Dearbhla_McHenry.pdf
Coffee Break
Economic and Regulatory Considerations of FTTH Networks

Economic and Regulatory Considerations of FTTH Networks

The best time to decide for FTTH is now. The presentations in this session discuss several important aspects of the economic and regulatory frameworks in which FTTH networks are deployed in Middle East. This includes regulatory issues as well as public investment and the question if there are big differences between Middle East and Europe regarding the implementation and operation of FTTH networks.


Roland Montagne, Director Telecoms Business Unit, IDATE


-Ali A. Ibrahim, CTO, Paltel Group
"FTTx - Paltel Rational"
-Richard Jones, Partner, Ventura Team LLP
"Fibre in the Gulf Region versus Europe"
- Dr. Ernst-Olav Ruhle, Managing Director, & Eng. Wolfgang Reichl, CTO, Sbr Juconomy Consulting AG
"Regulatory Issues Related to the Deployment of Telecommunications Networks in New Property Developments"

Moderator:Roland MontagnePresentation:Roland_Montagne_moderator.pdf
Speakers:Ali A. IbrahimPresentation:Ali_A_Ibrahim.pdf
Richard JonesPresentation:Richard_Jones.pdf
Dr. Ernst-Olav RuhlePresentation:Ruhle_and_Reichl.pdf
Eng. Wolfgang ReichlPresentation:Ruhle_and_Reichl.pdf
Workshop: Business Case Development for Fibre

Making the case for FTTx – a presentation/workshop on the key business drivers for an FTTx business and where you need to focus your attention

OBJECTIVE: Helps attendees assess and then proceed with potentially profitable FTTx projects and avoid the mistakes.


Provide additional value for those attending the conference in a session that:
-is more focussed on the detailed business drivers of an FTTx implementation
-provides higher level of interaction than normal presentation sessions
-educates people about where they should be paying attention in developing FTTx business cases


The presentation material is dynamic and so participants can see the effect on profitability, cash flow etc. as underlying assumptions are changed.  This helps them understand what is important in developing an FTTx business case (and what isn’t)!
Our material has been updated with the inclusion of many European and Gulf benchmarks – highlighting:
-the differences between these two important markets
-the challenges in the Gulf region (based on our strategy and planning work – creating an NGN networks in Saudi etc. and exploiting assets (e.g. using the sewage network in Oman to create an FTTH network).


Anyone considering an FTTx deployment will benefit from the session as it will help their own assessment of the opportunity and help them avoid serious mistakes in terms of estimation of costs, potential revenues, penetration etc.
Commercial, strategy and finance personnel in current or proposed telecoms operators as well as utilities looking to diversify into telecoms will find this a valuable workshop in learning how to assess FTTx opportunities, exploit the good ones and avoid bad ones.

Speakers:Richard JonesPresentation:N.A.
Gala Dinner
11 November 2009 Day 2
Technical Session: Deploying FTTH

Deploying FTTH

This tutorial session is designed to bring everyone up to speed on FTTH technology and terminology. The session will start with the basics, for instance the difference between fibre-to-the-home, building, curb, and node; and move onto more complicated subjects such as PON vs. point-to-point architectures, and the supporting network protocols of ATM and Ethernet.


Eric Festraets, Chair Deployment and Operations Committee of the FTTH Council Europe


- Eric Festraets, Chair Deployment & Operations Committee of the FTTH Council Europe, and Chris Holden, Member of the Board of the FTTH Council Europe
"Introduction How to Deploy Fibre Networks - The FTTH Handbook"
- Kevin Hourigan, Chairman, Nova Incepta Ltd.
"Reducing FTTH Capital Cost in the Middle East through Improved Network Architectures"

Moderator:Eric FestraetsPresentation:N.A.
Speakers:Eric FestraetsPresentation:Festraets_and_Holden.pdf
Chris HoldenPresentation:Festraets_and_Holden.pdf
Kevin HouriganPresentation:Kevin_Hourigan.pdf
Coffee Break
Voice of the Industry

Voice of the Industry: Gold Sponsors

Leading vendors will showcase their FTTH solutions, and explain how their products are evolving to meet the challenges posed by mass-market deployment. The session will analyse how these solutions will affect the design, installation and operation of real-world FTTH networks. Topics covered will include complex outside plant deployments, wholesale access and network-based services.


Hartwig Tauber, Director General of the FTTH Council Europe


- Albert Grooten, Technology Director FTTH, DRAKA COMMUNICATIONS
"Innovative Fibre and Cable Technology in Your MDU Network = Saving Costs!" 
- Georges Dabaghi, Regional Sales Director - MEA, Motorola
"The Future of PON Moving Beyond Triple Play"
- Markus Krenn, Technical Support FttX, LEONI NBG Fiber Optics GmbH
"Passive Infrastructure of an FttH-Network"
- Eng. Rami Abd Majeed, Project Manager, Moseco Group - FTE Co.
"FTTH Alandlucia Project"
- Thomas Kallstenius, Director, Product Marketing, Wireline Networks Product Division, Alcatel-Lucent
"Lessons Learned from Successful Fibre Pioneers: Doing FTTx Right"

Moderator:Hartwig TauberPresentation:Hartwig_Tauber_moderator.pdf
Speakers:Albert GrootenPresentation:Draka_Albert_Grooten.pdf
Georges DabaghiPresentation:Motorola_Georges_Dabaghi.pdf
Markus KrennPresentation:LEONI_Markus_Krenn.pdf
Eng. Rami Abd MajeedPresentation:Moseco_Eng_Rami_Abd_Majeed.pdf
Thomas KallsteniusPresentation:ALU_Thomas_Kallstenius.pdf
Lunch Break
FTTH for Everyone

FTTH for Everyone

This special session covers several specific topics about FTTH including a sophisticated discussion of the APAC FTTH market by the FTTH Council Asia Pacific as well as other interesting contributions.


Jawad Abbassi, Founder and General Manager, Arab Advisors Group


- Dr. Shoichi Hanatani, Chair Education and Training Committee, FTTH Council Asia-Pacific
"The FTTH Market in Asia-Pacific"
- Alaa Al-Din Al-Radhi, Consultant, Engineer, Capacity Builder
"Broadband Regional Capacity Building"

Moderator:Jawad AbbassiPresentation:N.A.
Speakers:Dr. Shoichi HanataniPresentation:Dr_Shoichi_Hanatani.pdf
Alaa Al-Din Al-RadhiPresentation:Alaa_Al-Din_Al-Radhi.pdf
Closing Remarks

Closing Remarks by Chair FTTH Council Europe Middle East Group

Speakers:Faris AwartaniPresentation:N.A.