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Benefits & Costs

Members of the FTTH Council Europe benefit in several ways:  

Exclusive access to market data:
In addition to the market statistics that we publish, we have detailed analysis of these statistics that are only available for members. This includes detailed lists of FTTH projects in Europe including their actual status, plans and strategies.


Exclusive access to analysts' data:
The FTTH Council Europe works together with well-known analysts on several studies such as sustainable development, broadband usage or cost models for FTTH networks. As a member you are informed about the results before the public and you have access to background data and details that are not available to the public.


Unique networking opportunities:
By joining one of our Working Committees you are able to work together with experts from all the leading FTTH related companies in Europe. Benefit from new contacts, open discussions and new insights!


Perfect visibility at THE FTTH Conference in Europe:
Our annual conference is THE meeting point for all people interested in FTTH in Europe. Sponsorship and exhibition space is exclusively offered to our members!


Create the future of FTTH:
By actively participating in our community you are able to take part in the process of accelerating FTTH deployments in Europe. It is up to you to just watch the development or being part of it!


All these benefits and many others are included in our annual fee of EUR 5.000,--.