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Become a member!

Why become a member of the FTTH Council Europe?

The FTTH Council Europe successfully accelerates the deployments of FTTH in Europe by promotion and education. Our aim is to make sure that Europe stays competitive in the world by having an up-to-date ICT Infrastructure. And the only infrastructure that can fulfil the bandwidth demands of the future is FTTH!


Our Mission:

To accelerate the FTTH adoption by all broadband stakeholders through education and promotion in order to enhance the quality of life contribute to a better environment and increased competitiveness.


Our Target:

The target is to have at least 1% households connected to FTTH/B in at least 15 countries covered by the FTTH Council Europe and to have 8 of them with more than 10% households connected by 2012.


Guide the future of broadband and join us! You can read all about it in our Join the FTTH Council Europe section and learn more about the benefits.


A directory of our actual members is online under Directory of Members.