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What makes a successful FTTH project? To help answer this question, the FTTH Council Europe has begun to assemble a series of case studies.


The stories selected will include projects from different countries, different business models, and from different stakeholders in the FTTH ecosystem. The aim is to illustrate the wide variety of different approaches to FTTH deployment as well as any common themes.


Success is not only defined by financial figures - the period of return on investment is very different in the projects and also depends on the approach of the operators.  Other examples of success might include evidence of socio-economic benefits for the community, or new applications developed for and enabled by the high-speed network.


More stories are under preparation.


Pioneering triple-play services over fibre in Italy 

11-01-2011Source: FTTH Council EuropeDownloadRead more »
Portugal Telecom

Incumbent gains competitive advantage with FTTH. 

10-12-2010Source: FTTH Council EuropeDownloadRead more »
Mälarenergi Stadsnät

Pioneer open access network in Sweden.  

29-09-2010Source: FTTH Council EuropeDownloadRead more »
Amsterdam Citynet

Public-private partnership to bring FTTH to the Dutch capital. 

27-08-2010Source: FTTH Council EuropeDownloadRead more »
Arge Glasfaser Waldviertel

Austrian Villages build their own FTTH network.

27-08-2010Source: FTTH Council EuropeDownloadRead more »
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