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Why fibre matters ...

Having broadband services delivered directly into the home over a fibre connection is the best possible way to enjoy the Internet. It is the ultimate, end-game solution. For those lucky enough to have it, fibre comes with a long list of benefits, and the environment is a winner as well.


Fibre optic connections that run directly into homes and businesses offer the optimal broadband connection to the Web.


Fibre to the home (FTTH) enables a range of value-added services to be delivered straight to the end user, and improving and enriching their quality of life by connecting them to the world at high speed.


Persons living in a rural area, for example, can save themselves a long drive twice a day by working from home instead of using their car to get to the office. Broadband over fibre has the power to bring all the work resources they need into their home office. Top quality medical advice can be delivered online right into the home, saving an unnecessary trip to hospital in the event of a minor illness.


Everybody wins


FTTH benefits not just individuals, but society as a whole. It is proven to contribute greatly to regional economic growth wherever it goes. And it has a part to play in reducing our consumption of energy. Setting up an Internet access network that runs over fibre has far less impact on the planet’s resources than alternatives.