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Who are we?

We’re SUDEFIB, the FTTH Council Europe’s Sustainable Development Committee, and it’s our job to spread the news about how fibre optic connections to the home improve people’s lives and enable green economic development.



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Why fibre matters ...

Having broadband services delivered directly into the home over a fibre connection is the best possible way to enjoy the Internet. It is the ultimate, end-game solution. For those lucky enough to have it, fibre comes with a long list of benefits, and the environment is a winner as well.


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Here’s the proof!

Fibre is best – but don’t just take our word for it. PricewaterhouseCoopers Ecobilan, an independent advisory firm with rigorous standards, has carried out a study weighing up the environmental impact and associated benefits of fibre access networks.


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Now test your own impact. For free!

SUDEFIB has developed an online tool to allow network operators and others to evaluate the sustainability of existing or planned FTTH networks.



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