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Programme Presentations

Download a PDF version of the programme here


Participants can download the presentations here with the username and password they received. The presentations can be found after the name of the speaker. When it states N.A. either no slides were used or we have no permission to disclose them.

9 February 2011 Day 1
Registration & Welcome Coffee
Participants Lists

Participants list by company

Moderator:Participants list by companyPresentation:Participants_list_sorted_by_company.pdf

Participants list by country

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Participants list by name

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Official Opening

The 8th edition of the FTTH Conference will be opened by high-level officials from Italy and the FTTH Council Europe




Dr. Letizia Moratti, Mayor of the City of Milan


Dr. Roberto Sambuco, Head of Communications Department  of the Italian Ministry of Economic Development - on behalf of Minister Paolo Romani


Chris Holden, President, FTTH Council Europe

Speakers:Dr. Letizia MorattiPresentation:Speech_Dr._Letizia_Moratti.pdf
Dr. Roberto SambucoPresentation:Speech_Dr._Roberto_Sambuco.pdf
Chris HoldenPresentation:Speech_Chris_Holden.pdf
Keynote Speech by Prof. Carlota Perez

Keynote Speech by Prof. Carlota Perez, author of Technological Revolutions and Financial Capital: the Dynamics of Bubbles and Golden Ages and international consultant and lecturer, Cambridge and Sussex Universities - UK and Technological University of Tallinn - Estonia
"The Role of Internet Access in Sustainable Global Growth"

Speakers:Carlota PerezPresentation:Carlota_Perez.pdf
Coffee Break
Plenary Session: Financing FTTH Networks

Financing FTTH Networks

How to finance FTTH Networks is the most important question in Europe today. This session will give answers from public, private and operators’ point of view.


Moderator: Albert Grooten, Member of the Board, FTTH Council Europe




-Hristo Stoykov, Banker, Structured Finance and Advisory, European Investment Bank
"Financing for European Broadband Infrastructure"
-Joost Goderie, Managing Director CIF, Communication Infrastructure Fund
"Fiber to the Home Networks, De-risking Infrastructure Assets for Growth"
-Jan Davids, Director Corporate and Business Development, Reggefiber
"Financing FttH Networks of Reggefiber"

Moderator:Albert GrootenPresentation:Moderator_Albert_Grooten.pdf
Speakers:Hristo StoykovPresentation:Hristo_Stoykov.pdf
Joost GoderiePresentation:Joost_Goderie.pdf
Jan DavidsPresentation:Jan_Davids.pdf
Breakout Sessions: 1.FTTH - The Service Enabler - 2. Regulatory Session - 3. Voice of the Industry

Breakout Session 1: FTTH - The Service Enabler

FTTH offers unlimited bandwidth to end users and businesses. This enables new services and enhances existing ones. Hear from experts about the latest application and service developments based on FTTH.


Moderator: Paul Schwartz, Member of the Board, FTTH Council Europe




-Massimiliano Rega, Service & Delivery Director, Sky Italia
"Bringing Satellite Television into the 21st Century through Fibre Optic"
-Knut Aasrud, General Manager Microsoft Communications Sector, Europe, Middle-East and Africa, Microsoft
“Delivering Compelling Consumer Cloud Services with Service Providers“
Dr. Gerlas van den Hoven, CEO, Genexis
“How FTTH Networks Can Stimulate the Creation of New Services”


Moderator:Paul SchwartzPresentation:Moderator_Paul_Schwartz.pdf
Speakers:Massimiliano RegaPresentation:Massimiliano_Rega.pdf
Knut AasrudPresentation:Knut_Aasrud.pdf
Dr. Gerlas van den HovenPresentation:Gerlas_van_den_Hoven.pdf

Breakout Session 2: Digital Agenda and NGA Recommendation - What's Next?

With the NGA Recommendation published by the European Commission in fall 2010, regulation for fibre-based networks will now be implemented on a national level. This session discusses the status of FTTH regulation in Europe as well as the current challenges for policy makers and regulators.


Moderator: Pastora Valero, Member of the Board, FTTH Council Europe




-Natalija Gelvanovska, Deputy Director, Electronic Communications Department, Communications Regulatory Authority of the Republic of Lithuania
-Dr. Davide Gallino, Head, Office of Economic and Financial Analysis, Market Analysis Directorate, AGCOM
-Antoine Darodes de Tailly, Director of the regulation of broadband and ultra-fast broadband markets and local authorities relations, ARCEP
-Matthew Braovac, Head of Public Policy, Fixed Services, Vodafone Group Services
-Francesco Castelli, Vice President, Relations with National and International Institutions Public Policy, Telecom Italia

Moderator:Pastora ValeroPresentation:Moderator_Pastora_Valero.pdf
Speakers:Natalija GelvanovskaPresentation:Natalija_Gelvanovska.pdf
Dr. Davide GallinoPresentation:Davide_Gallino.pdf
Antoine Darodes de TaillyPresentation:Antoine_Darodes_de_Tailly.pdf
Matthew BraovacPresentation:Matthew_Braovac.pdf
Francesco CastelliPresentation:Francesco_Castelli.pdf

Breakout Session 3: Voice of the Industry

Leading vendors will showcase their FTTH solutions, and explain how their products are evolving to meet the challenges posed by mass-market deployment.


Moderator: Sophie Pautonnier, Treasurer & Member of the Board, FTTH Council Europe




-Jerry Jackson, Marketing Development Manager, 3M
"FTTH Drop Cable Installation Methods and Connectivity Solutions Around the Globe!"
Johann-Peter Hegemann, SVP Sales & Marketing, & Klaus Kammermeier, Program Director FTTH EMEA, Corning Cable Systems
“Corning Experience with Different Examples of FTTH Rollout, Why They Were Chosen by the Operators and the Operator Benefits”
Peter Ludin, Vice President Sales EMEA, Draka Communications
“Delivering Innovation: Smart Solutions for Your FTTx Network
Stéphane Lelux, CEO, Tactis - on behalf of DSM Desotech
"Economic Impact of Using Advanced Fibre Coatings"

Moderator:Sophie PautonnierPresentation:Moderator_Sophie_Pautonnier.pdf
Speakers:Jerry JacksonPresentation:Jerry_Jackson.pdf
Johann-Peter HegemannPresentation:N.A.
Klaus KammermeierPresentation:N.A.
Peter LudinPresentation:Peter_Ludin.pdf
Stéphane LeluxPresentation:Stéphane_Lelux.pdf
Coffee Break
Breakout Sessions: 4. Case studies: Successful FTTH Deployments - 5. FTTH - The Analyst View - 6. Voice of the Industry

Breakout Session 4: Case studies: Successful FTTH Deployments

This session will address the question: "Why FTTH?" And the answer is: because FTTH networks are successful. Case studies from Europe and around the world will present their success factors and their plans for further FTTH roll-outs.


Moderator: Rolf Johansson, Member of the Board, FTTH Council Europe




-Anders B. Christjansen, CEO, Waoo!
"Danish Utilities Fibre Networks Share One Single Marketing Brand"
-Aleksandr Kozlov, CTO, SJSC ER Telecom Holding
"Successful FTTH Deployments - ER Telecom Case"
-Jaume Salvat, Director General, CEO, Andorra Telecom
"Universal FTTH in Andorra"
-İlker Bulucu, Network Planning and Investment Dept., & Mirali Yalcin, FTTx Regional Manager, Network FTTx Dept., Superonline
“Overview of GPON / FTTH Market and Technology in Turkey” 

Moderator:Rolf JohanssonPresentation:Moderator_Rolf_Johansson.pdf
Speakers:Anders B. ChristjansenPresentation:Anders_Christjansen.pdf
Aleksandr KozlovPresentation:Aleksandr_Kozlov.pdf
Jaume SalvatPresentation:Jaume_Salvat.pdf
İlker BulucuPresentation:Ilker_Bulucu-Mirali_Yalcin.pdf
Mirali YalcinPresentation:Ilker_Bulucu-Mirali_Yalcin.pdf

Breakout Session 5: FTTH - The Analyst View

In this session well-known analysts will share their view on FTTH. How does the FTTH market look like in Europe today? How will it develop in the next five years? How will bandwidth be used by end customers?


Moderator: Jan Schindler, Chair Market Intelligence Committee, FTTH Council Europe




-Roland Montagne, Director Telecoms Business Unit, IDATE
"FTTH Market Panorama in Europe and the Middle East"
-Astrid Wisse, Senior Manager, Ernst & Young
“The House of the Future with FttH”
Dr. Claus Popp Larsen, Project Manager, Acreo
“FTTH Broadband Behavior: Measurements of Internet Usage with Different Methods”
-Dr. Sanjeev Kohli, Associate Partner, & Sergio Sandoval, Associate Principal, McKinsey & Company
"Monetizing Fiber - Key to Successful Commercialization"

Moderator:Jan SchindlerPresentation:Moderator_Jan_Schindler.pdf
Speakers:Roland MontagnePresentation:Roland_Montagne.pdf
Astrid WissePresentation:Astrid_Wisse.pdf
Dr. Claus Popp LarsenPresentation:Claus_Popp_Larsen.pdf
Dr.Sanjeev KohliPresentation:Sanjeev_Kohli.pdf
Sergio SandovalPresentation:Sanjeev_Kohli.pdf

Breakout Session 6: Voice of the Industry

Leading vendors will showcase their FTTH solutions, and explain how their products are evolving to meet the challenges posed by mass-market deployment.


Moderator: Eric Festraets, Member of the Board, FTTH Council Europe




-Urs Ryffel, Chief Operating Officer Fiber Optics, HUBER+SUHNER
“Fiber Your Home – Exploring New Territories”
Eng. Alessandro Pirri, Head of Connectivity & FTTx, Prysmian Cables & Systems Telecom & Yves Laurentie, President, FibTic
“FttF, Fiber to the Farmyards: How to Bring Fibres to Rural Areas”
-Monique Morrow, Distinguished Engineer, Cisco Systems
“The Application Manifesto – How Services Benefit from Fiber”
-Roman Glatty, Broadband Access Architecture Expert, ZTE
"Future-proof Next Generation Access Solution"

Moderator:Eric FestraetsPresentation:Moderator_Eric_Festraets.pdf
Speakers:Urs RyffelPresentation:Urs_Ryffel.pdf
Eng. Alessandro PirriPresentation:Alessandro_Pirri-Yves_Laurentie.pdf
Yves LaurentiePresentation:Alessandro_Pirri-Yves_Laurentie.pdf
Monique MorrowPresentation:Monique_Morrow.pdf
Roman GlattyPresentation:Roman_Glatty.pdf
Welcome Cocktail
10 February 2011 Day 2
Registration & Welcome Coffee
Breakout Sessions: 7. Case studies: FTTH in Italy - 8. Is FTTH Needed for Content & Applications? - 9. Voice of the Industry

Breakout Session 7: Case Studies: FTTH in Italy

Italy is the host country of this edition of the FTTH Conference. This session will take a close look at the Italian fibre market, including a historical overview and the plans for further FTTH deployments. The discussions will also cover the regulatory situation and the policy makers' point of view.


Official opening by Dr. Giorgio Tosi Beleffi, Ministero dello Sviluppo Economico – MISE, Dipartimento Comunicazioni - Dip Comm Istituto Superiore CTI, Divisione II Broadband Technologies
"Broadband Green Infrastructures and New Generation Services: the ISCTI Research Perspective"


Moderator: Richard Thomas, Member of the Board, FTTH Council Europe




-Enrico Pietralunga, Head of Network Planning, Fastweb
"FASTWEB the Italian FTTH Icebreaker"
-Ermanno Berruto, Director of Network Architecture and Performance, Wind Telecomunicazioni
" FTTH Architecture: Point-to-Point, an Up-to-Date Reassessment"
-Gianfranco Ciccarella, Vice President Technology and Operations, Technical Support, Telecom Italia
"Managing the New Generation Network Transition"
-Dr. Davide Gallino, Head, Office of Economic and Financial Analysis, Market Analysis Directoate, AGCOM
"Facilitating UltraBB Development in Italy"

Moderator:Richard ThomasPresentation:Moderator_Richard_Thomas.pdf
Speakers:Dr. Giorgio Tosi BeleffiPresentation:Giorgio_Tosi_Beleffi.pdf
Enrico PietralungaPresentation:Enrico_Pietralunga.pdf
Ermanno BerrutoPresentation:Ermanno_Berruto.pdf
Gianfranco CiccarellaPresentation:Gianfranco_Ciccarella.pdf
Dr. Davide GallinoPresentation:Davide_Gallino_BO7.pdf

Breakout Session 8: Is FTTH Needed for Content & Applications

Many broadband services are offered on normal broadband connections today. Why is FTTH needed? This session will proof the need for fibre by showing concrete examples of services and applications that require FTTH networks.


Moderator: Benoît Felten, Analyst




-Tore Kristoffersen, CTO, Altibox
"Why Services Need FTTH and Vice Versa"
-Richard Saccone, CEO and Co-founder, & Thomas Chiroux, CTO, Link Care Services
"Developer and Operator of the First Assisted Living Video Monitoring System"
-Gertrud Zeijersborger, Marketing Manager, New Energies and Carbon Footprint, Dalkia
"Intelligent Solutions for the Smarter City"
-Rikard Strid, Founder, Manodo
"Increasing the Value of your FTTH Business"

Moderator:Benoît FeltenPresentation:Moderator_Benoit_Felten.pdf
Speakers:Tore KristoffersenPresentation:Tore_Kristoffersen.pdf
Richard SacconePresentation:Richard_Saccone-Thomas_Chiroux.pdf
Thomas ChirouxPresentation:Richard_Saccone-Thomas_Chiroux.pdf
Gertrud ZeijersborgerPresentation:Gertrud_Zeijersborger.pdf
Rikard StridPresentation:Rikard_Strid.pdf

Breakout Session 9: Voice of the Industry

Leading vendors will showcase their FTTH solutions, and explain how their products are evolving to meet the challenges posed by mass-market deployment.


Moderator: Jouni Heinonen, Vice-Chair Business Committee, FTTH Council Europe




-Werner De Wolf, Managing Director EMEA, Network Solutions, Tyco Electronics - on behalf of ADC KRONE
“Improving FTTH Network Construction Speed, QoS and OPEX”
Martin Kellenberger, Head of Consulting, Reichle & De-Massari
“FTTH Networks in Switzerland: Experiences during Installation of Inhouse Network“
-Andrea Afkhami, Vice President Marketing, Wireline Division, Alcatel-Lucent
“Unlocking Fiber Deployment… Flexibility is the Key”
Dr. Wolfgang Spahn, Chief Technology Officer, KEYMILE
“Open Access: Consequences for the Access Equipment”

Moderator:Jouni HeinonenPresentation:Moderator_Jouni_Heinonen.pdf
Speakers:Werner De WolfPresentation:Werner_De_Wolf.pdf
Martin KellenbergerPresentation:Martin_Kellenberger.pdf
Andrea AfkhamiPresentation:Andrea_Afkhami.pdf
Dr. Wolfgang SpahnPresentation:Wolfgang_Spahn.pdf
Coffee Break
Breakout Sessions: 10. Fibre for Everyone! - 11. The Business Case for FTTH - 12. Voice of the Industry

Breakout Session 10: Fibre for Everyone!

FTTH connections enhance the quality of life for end customers. This session will discuss how fibre for everyone can be made possible and what benefits the users can expect.


Moderator: Matthias Nass, Member of the Board, FTTH Council Europe




-Helmut Schink, Vice Chair, ITU-T SG15
"Economic Deployment of Optical Access Infrastructure Based on Standards"
-Kajsa Hedberg, Division Manager Broadband, Skellefteå Kraft & Dr. Christer Åhlund, Associate Professor, Mobile Networking & Computing, Luleå University of Technology, Skellefteå
“Smart Services Aid Sustainable Development”
-Anne-Mari Leppinen, Sales Manager, Suupohjan Seutuverkko
“Municipality Owned Open Access FTTx-Network”

Moderator:Matthias NassPresentation:N.A.
Speakers:Helmut SchinkPresentation:Helmut_Schink.pdf
Kajsa HedbergPresentation:N.A.
Dr. Christer ÅhlundPresentation:N.A.
Anne-Mari LeppinenPresentation:Anne-Mari_Leppinen.pdf

Breakout Session 11: The Business Case for FTTH

The business case of fibre networks is still a hot topic. In this session case studies and experts will discuss how FTTH networks are profitable.


Moderator: Karin Ahl, Chair Business Committee, FTTH Council Europe




-Tore Røraas, Director Business Development, Hafslund Fibernett
“Dark Fiber as the Strategy to Develop a Profitable FTTH-Operation”
Birgir Rafn Thrainsson, CEO, Reykjavik Fiber Network
“Real Story, Real Numbers - A Case Study”
Birger Hauge, Director, Villa Watt
“A Clearing-House Approach to Speeding up FTTH Deployment”

Moderator:Karin AhlPresentation:Moderator_Karin_Ahl.pdf
Speakers:Tore RøraasPresentation:Tore_Roraas.pdf
Birgir Rafn ThrainssonPresentation:Birgir_Rafn_Thrainsson.pdf
Birger HaugePresentation:Birger_Hauge.pdf

Breakout Session 12: Voice of the Industry

Leading vendors will showcase their FTTH solutions, and explain how their products are evolving to meet the challenges posed by mass-market deployment.


Moderator: Natascha Weinstabl, Project Coordinator, FTTH Council Europe




-Dexiang Wang, President, ODN & DF System Product Line, Huawei Technologies
“Make the Optical Distribution Network Intelligent“
Jean Fehlbaum, Strategic Projects Director, Nexans, Optical Fibres Cables & Components Business Group, & Réal Helvenstein, Technical Manager, Opticable Belgium
“FTTH Deployment Acceleration Thanks to Extraction Techniques”
Michael Gronovius, Head of Product Marketing, IP Edge & Broadband Access, Ericsson
“Deep Fiber Access”
Janez Öri, Director of Product Management, Iskratel
“What Type of Network Intelligence is Needed in Next Generation Access Networks and Where?” 

Moderator:Natascha WeinstablPresentation:Moderator_Natascha_Weinstabl.pdf
Speakers:Dexiang WangPresentation:Dexiang_Wang.pdf
Jean FehlbaumPresentation:Jean_Fehlbaum-Real_Helvenstein.pdf
Réal HelvensteinPresentation:Jean_Fehlbaum-Real_Helvenstein.pdf
Michael GronoviusPresentation:Michael_Gronovius.pdf
Janez ÖriPresentation:Janez_Ori.pdf
Keynote Speech by Neelie Kroes

Keynote Speech by Neelie Kroes, Vice-President responsible for Digital Agenda, European Commission


Speakers:Neelie KroesPresentation:SPEECH-11-93_EN.pdf
Closing Plenary

Europe in 2020 - The Operators and Industry View

by Luigi Gambardella, Executive Board Chairman, ETNO
Tom Ruhan, Chairman, ECTA
Dr. Leonidas Kanellos, Vice Chair, BEREC
Chris Holden, President, FTTH Council Europe 

Speakers:Luigi GambardellaPresentation:Luigi_Gambardella_ETNO.pdf
Tom RuhanPresentation:Tom_Ruhan_ECTA.pdf
Dr. Leonidas KanellosPresentation:Leonidas_Kanellos_BEREC.pdf
Chris HoldenPresentation:Chris_Holden_Day_2.pdf

Announcement Winners Innovation Awards

The FTTH Council Europe has organised for the second time the FTTH Innovation Award. The winners will be in Milan and introduced on stage.

Presentation Global Ranking Update

As is now customary at the annual FTTH Conference, the three FTTH Councils will present the latest update of the FTTH Global Ranking highlighting the top FTTH/B countries in the world.


by Frank Jaffer, President, FTTH Council Asia Pacific
Daniel O’Connell, President, FTTH Council North America
Chris Holden, President, FTTH Council Europe


Speakers:Frank JafferPresentation:Presidents_Global_Ranking.pdf
Daniel O'ConnellPresentation:Presidents_Global_Ranking.pdf
Chris HoldenPresentation:Presidents_Global_Ranking.pdf

The FTTH Market in Europe in 2015

Presentation of the latest market forecasts


by Graham Finnie, Chief Analyst, Heavy Reading

Speakers:Graham FinniePresentation:Graham_Finnie.pdf
Closing Cocktail