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Programme Presentations

Download a PDF version of the programme here


Participants can download the presentations here with the username and password they received. The presentations can be found after the name of the speaker. When it states N.A. either no slides were used or we have no permission to disclose them. 

24 February 2010 Day 1
Participants List

Download the participants list here 

Speakers:Participants list per companyPresentation:Lisbon_Participants_List_Company.pdf
Participants list per countryPresentation:Lisbon_Participants_Lists_Country.pdf
Participants list per last namePresentation:Lisbon_Participants_Lists_Last_Name.pdf
Official Opening with Eng. José Socrates, Prime Minister of Portugal

The 7th edition of the FTTH Conference will be opened by high level officials from Portugal and the FTTH Council Europe.




Karel Helsen, President of the FTTH Council Europe
"Taking Your Life to New Horizons"


Prof. José Amado da Silva, Chairman, ANACOM


Eng. José Socrates, Prime Minister of Portugal


Speakers:Karel HelsenPresentation:Speech_KarelHelsen_Lisbon.pdf
Prof. José Amado da SilvaPresentation:Speech_Jose_Amado_da_Silva.pdf
Eng. José Socrates, Prime Minister of PortugalPresentation:N.A.
Keynote Speech by Erik Qualman

Keynote Speech by Erik Qualman, author of Socialnomics: How social media transforms the way we live and do business
"Socialnomics:  It's a People Driven Economy, Stupid"

Speakers:Erik QualmanPresentation:Erik_Qualman.pdf
Announcement Location and Dates FTTH Conference 2011
Coffee Break
Plenary Session: FTTH - The Service and Application Enabler

FTTH - The Service & Application Enabler

FTTH/B promises unlimited symmetrical bandwidth for the customer. But what can businesses and end-users do with this bandwidth? This session answers the question from the point of view of top companies which already have services and applications in place for FTTH/B networks.




- Alfredo Baptista, Chief Technology Officer, Portugal Telecom
- John Post, CTO IBM Benelux, IBM
"Vision for a Smarter Home Enabled by Fiber and Cloud Technology"
- Knut Aasrud, General Manager Microsoft Communications Sector EMEA, Microsoft
"Software plus Services in a World of Unlimited Connectivity: the Impact on Consumers and Businesses"

Speakers:Alfredo BaptistaPresentation:Alfredo_Baptista.pdf
John PostPresentation:John_Post.pdf
Knut AasrudPresentation:Knut_Aasrud.pdf
Lunch Break
Breakout Sessions: 1. It's More Than Just TV - 2. Regulatory Status - 3. Voice of the Industry

Breakout Session 1: It's More Than Just TV

Video is seen as one of the main drivers for FTTH. Interactive TV, video on demand and the convergence of TV and internet are new challenges for producers and broadcasters. In this session broadcasters and TV experts will present their view on FTTH and video and will give an outlook of upcoming new services.


Richard Thomas, Member of the Board of Directors of the FTTH Council Europe 


- Bert Habets, CEO, RTL Nederland
"Broadband Requirements of a Broadcasting Company"
- Guido Van Nispen, Managing Director, Veronica Holding
“Media Production in a Fragmented and Abundant Universe of Distribution”
- Ferry Kesselaar, Manager Technology, NOS
"The Digital Environment of NOS CrossMedia Strategy"
- Danny de Korte, Marketing Manager, United Content Distributors
"The Revolution is Now"


Moderator:Richard ThomasPresentation:Richard_Thomas_Moderator.pdf
Speakers:Bert HabetsPresentation:N.A.
Guido Van NispenPresentation:Guido_van_Nispen.pdf
Ferry KesselaarPresentation:N.A.
Danny de KortePresentation:N.A.

Breakout Session 2: Regulatory Status

The business case for fibre in Europe is highly sensitive to telecoms regulation, yet European and national regulatory strategies for broadband and FTTH are still developing and sometimes highly controversial. A panel of industry representatives and national regulators will debate the challenges and opportunities posed by regulation from different points of view: the incumbents, alternative operators and the national regulatory bodies.


Moderator: Pastora Valero, FTTH Council Europe Policy & Regulation Committee


- Michael Bartholomew, Director, ETNO
- Albert Martí, Member of the Board, Comisión del Mercado de las Telecomunicaciones (CMT)
- Dr. Luís Filipe Reis, Member of the Board, ECTA
- Ben Willis, Head of Technology Intelligence, OFCOM
- Joël Mau, Director of Broadband, ultra-fast broadband markets and local authorities relations, ARCEP
- Dr. José Ferrari Careto, Member of the Board, ANACOM

Moderator:Pastora ValeroPresentation:N.A.
Speakers:Michael BartholomewPresentation:N.A.
Albert MartíPresentation:N.A.
Dr. Luís Filipe ReisPresentation:N.A.
Ben WillisPresentation:N.A.
Joël MauPresentation:N.A.
Dr. José Ferrari CaretoPresentation:N.A.

Breakout Session 3: Voice of the Industry

Leading vendors will showcase their FTTH solutions, and explain how their products are evolving to meet the challenges posed by mass-market deployment.


Moderator: Chris Holden, Member of the Board of Directors of the FTTH Council Europe


- Jay Borer, Global Premise & Residential Business Manager, 3M
"New Efficient Methods of Deploying Fiber to the Living Unit within Existing MDUs"
- Pratyush Chitre, Technical Sales Support Manager: Broadband Access, Ericsson
"Building Open Access Networks Based on GPON"
- Janez Öri, Head of Technical Sales, Iskratel
"Intelligent Access Network to Support New Services and Business Models"
- Peter Ludin, Vice-President EMEA Telecom Solutions, Draka Communications
"The Spirit of Innovation"

Moderator:Chris HoldenPresentation:Chris_Holden_Moderator.pdf
Speakers:Jay BorerPresentation:N.A.
Pratyush ChitrePresentation:Pratyush_Chitre.pdf
Janez ÖriPresentation:Janez_Ori.pdf
Peter LudinPresentation:Peter_Ludin.pdf
Coffee Break
Breakout Sessions: 4. Content & Services - Filling the Pipe - 5. Analysts Session - 6. Voice of the Industry

Breakout 4: Content & Services - Filling the Pipe

Innovative content & services will need fibre speed. Learn in this session how different industries have one requirement: more bandwidth. Publishers, Online-Gaming or Cloud Computing demand for high speed connections. Listen to experts about new contents and services and hear how innovative operators can fulfil this demand.


Moderator: Thomas Kallstenius, Member of the Board of Directors of the FTTH Council Europe


- Ned Wiley, Managing Director, Axel Springer Digital TV Guide
"Toward a New Paradigm for Content Discovery: Personalized TV"
- Jeroen Kraak, CEO, TGS
"The End Game"
- Regina Kwik, Sales Director, Nucleus Connect
“Leveraging Singapore’s Active Network Infrastructure. Be Part of the Revolution”
- Avner Algom, CEO, IGT
“Cloud Computing and Network Bandwidth On-Demand”
Dr. Ulrich Leiner, Head of Department "Interactive Media - Human Factors", Fraunhofer Institute for Telecommunications - HHI
"3D, Interactive Devices and Innovative Applications"

Moderator:Thomas KallsteniusPresentation:Thomas_Kallstenius_Moderator.pdf
Speakers:Ned WileyPresentation:Ned_Wiley.pdf
Jeroen KraakPresentation:Jeroen_Kraak.pdf
Regina KwikPresentation:Regina_Kwik.pdf
Avner AlgomPresentation:Avner_Algom.pdf
Dr. Ulrich LeinerPresentation:Ulrich_Leiner.pdf

Breakout 5: Analysts Session: FTTH Panorama

This session will provide update of the European and Middle East FTTH market and will present the latest forecast for FTTH. Based on a consumer study in the US, the question “Is Fibre really better” will be answered as well as the question how economic stimulus packages with broadband focus can impact economical growth.


Moderator: Arjen de Leeuw, Vice-Chair of the Market Intelligence Committee of the FTTH Council Europe


- Roland Montagne, Director Telecoms Business Unit, IDATE
"European and Middle East FTTH Markets at End 2009"
- Graham Finnie, Chief Analyst, Heavy Reading
"FTTH Market Forecast Europe 2009 - 2014"
- Eng. Jawad J. Abbassi, Founder and General Manager, Arab Advisors Group
“Overview of the Arab World's Telecom and Broadband Markets”
- Michael Render, President, RVA LLC
“The Consumer Response to FTTH”
- Alexandra Rehak, Analysys Mason
"Broadband Economic Stimulus Packages"

Moderator:Arjen de LeeuwPresentation:Arjen_de_Leeuw_Moderator.pdf
Speakers:Roland MontagnePresentation:Roland_Montagne.pdf
Graham FinniePresentation:Graham_Finnie.pdf
Eng. Jawad J. AbbassiPresentation:Jawad_Abbassi.pdf
Michael RenderPresentation:Michael_Render.pdf
Alexandra RehakPresentation:Alexandra_Rehak.pdf

Breakout 6: Voice of the Industry

Leading vendors will showcase their FTTH solutions, and explain how their products are evolving to meet the challenges posed by mass-market deployment.


Sophie Pautonnier, Member of the Board of Directors of the FTTH Council Europe


- Dave Gaetani, Director, Global Customer Marketing, Motorola
"Europe Takes on Fiber - Driving Growth through Innovation"
- Dr. Wolfgang Spahn, Chief Technical Officer, KEYMILE
"Building an Evolutionary FTTH Network: How to Improve Cash-Flow and Avoid Stranded Investments"
- Johann-Peter Hegemann, Senior Vice President Sales & Marketing Carrier EMEA, Corning Cable Systems
"How Innovation Enables Portuguese Families to Broaden Their Horizons"
- Carsten Storbeck, Director Product Management, ADC Krone
“Investing dBs to Defer CapEx and Save OpEx in Passive Optical Networks”

Moderator:Sophie PautonnierPresentation:Sophie_Pautonnier_Moderator.pdf
Speakers:Dave GaetaniPresentation:Dave_Gaetani.pdf
Dr. Wolfgang SpahnPresentation:Wolfgang_Spahn.pdf
Johann-Peter HegemannPresentation:Johann-Peter_Hegemann.pdf
Carsten StorbeckPresentation:Carsten_Storbeck.pdf

Making the case for FTTx

by Richard Jones, Ventura Team 

Moderator:Richard JonesPresentation:Ventura_Workshop.pdf
Welcome Cocktail
25 February 2010 Day 2
Breakout Sessions: 7. Economic Session - 8. FTTH Networks: Practical Experiences - 9. Voice of the Industry

Breakout Session 7: Economic Session

This session will be led by the business committee of the FTTH Council Europe. Using case studies to illustrate what makes a good business case, speakers will explore key issues surrounding the economics of FTTH, including deployment costs and network operating costs. Provocative approaches from analysts will allow to see the FTTH business case from a different angle.


Moderator: Eric Festraets, Chair of the Deployment & Operations Committee of the FTTH Council Europe


- Albert Grooten, Chair Business Committee, FTTH Council Europe
"Introducing the FTTH Business Guide"
- Dr. Michael Gryseels, Partner, and Dr. Duarte Begonha, Partner, McKinsey & Company
"Fiber: The Future of Wireline"
- Jure Krajnc, Sales and Marketing Director, GVO - Member of the Telekom Slovenia Group
"FTTH as a PPP Project: How to Stimulate Growth"

Moderator:Eric FestraetsPresentation:Eric_Festraets_Moderator.pdf
Speakers:Albert GrootenPresentation:Albert_Grooten.pdf
Dr. Michael Gryseels and Dr. Duarte BegonhaPresentation:McKinsey_Presentation.pdf
McKinsey White PaperPresentation:McKinsey_White_Paper.pdf
Jure KrajncPresentation:Jure_Krajnc.pdf

Breakout Session 8: FTTH Networks: Practical Experiences

The best way to learn about FTTH/B networks is looking at successful deployments. This session presents experiences from FTTH network operators and will give an insight on practical approaches to accelerate FTTH deployments.


Moderator: Peleg Erlich, Member of the Board of Directors of the FTTH Council Europe


- Jason Pedder, Director Product Marketing, OFS
"Service Provider Global Perspectives on Evolving Fibre in the MDU Installation Technologies and Practices"
- Dr. Matthias Pohler, Managing Director, TKI Tele-Kabel-Ingenieursgesellschaft
"The Road to a Nationwide FTTH-deployment by Funding Empty Conduit Networks"
- Carry Abbenhues, Vice-Governor, Province of Overijssel
"Fibre to Every Home in Overijssel"
- Jan Helge Høgvoll, Senior Engineer, Telenor
"Attacking the Competitive Norwegian FTTH-market with GPON - Telenor's Strategy and Experience So Far"

Moderator:Peleg ErlichPresentation:Peleg_Erlich_Moderator.pdf
Speakers:Jason PedderPresentation:Jason_Pedder.pdf
Dr. Matthias PohlerPresentation:Matthias_Pohler.pdf
Carry AbbenhuesPresentation:Carry_Abbenhues.pdf
Jan Helge HøgvollPresentation:Jan_Helge_Hogvoll.pdf

Breakout Session 9: Voice of the Industry

Leading vendors will showcase their FTTH solutions, and explain how their products are evolving to meet the challenges posed by mass-market deployment.


Wolfgang Fischer, Member of the Board of Directors of the FTTH Council Europe


- Susan White, Director, Product Marketing, Wireline Networks Products Division, Alcatel-Lucent
“Wired for Growth - Leveraging the Fiber Access Node for Application Enablement”
- Eng. Carlos Barroqueiro, President and CEO, CBE
"FTTH Deploying the Future Today"
- Ad Abel, Director FOM Europe, DSM Desotech
"Driving the Optical Fiber Future: How the Newest Generation of Fiber Coatings Can Ensure Network Reliability and Increase Return on Investment"

Moderator:Wolfgang FischerPresentation:Wolfgang_Fischer_Moderator.pdf
Speakers:Susan WhitePresentation:Sue_White.pdf
Eng. Carlos BarroqueiroPresentation:Carlos_Barroqueiro.pdf
Ad AbelPresentation:Ad_Abel.pdf
Coffee Break
Breakout Sessions: 10. Case Studies: FTTH in Portugal - 11. Social Services and B2B - 12. Voice of the Industry

Breakout Session 10: Case Studies: FTTH in Portugal

In the summer of 2008 the Portuguese government announced an ambitious aim to have 1 million homes – about one tenth of the population – connected with fibre by 2010. This session will bring together the main players involved to provide updates on their fibre deployment plans and describe the progress towards this target.


Official Opening by Dr. Paulo Campos, Portuguese Deputy State Secretary for Public Works & Communications


- Xavier Rodriguez-Martin, CEO, Oni
"There Cannot Be Only Elephants in the Jungle - Oni’s Blended Fiber and Solutions-based Business Model for the Corporate Segment"
- Eng. Luis Miguel Goncalves Lopes, COO, Zon Multimedia
"ZON Fibra"
- Eng. Luis Filipe dos Santos Alveirinho, Director Network Planning and Implementation, Portugal Telecom
"FTTH Project Rollout in Portugal Telecom"
- Dr. Manuel Ramalho Eanes, Executive Board Member, Optimus
"Optimus Clix - First and Leading FTTH in Portugal"

Moderator:Diogo VasconcelosPresentation:N.A.
Speakers:Dr. Paulo CamposPresentation:Speech_Paulo_Campos.pdf
Xavier Rodriguez-MartinPresentation:Xavier_Rodriguez-Martin.pdf
Eng. Luis Miguel Goncalves LopesPresentation:Luis_Lopes.pdf
Eng. Luis Filipe dos Santos AlveirinhoPresentation:N.A.
Dr. Manuel Ramalho EanesPresentation:Manuel_Eanes.pdf

Breakout Session 11: Social Services and B2B

Leading analysts agree that social online-services will be very important to meet the challenges of the aging society in Europe. FTTH is the perfect platform to enable and deliver such services.


Moderator: Laurent Gasca, Chair of the Sudefib Committee of the FTTH Council Europe


- Kees Rovers, Director and Founder, Ons Net Netherlands
- Dr. Bert Sadowski, Associate Professor, University of Technology Eindhoven
"Is There a Market for New Fibre-based Services for Residential Consumers? Case Study Evidence from the Netherlands"
-Ton van den Hoven, Sr Director Healthcare Informatics, Philips Healthcare
"Healthcare Informatics - The Growing Importance of IT Solutions to Improve Patient Care"
- Jonathan, Bartoli, Project Officer for France and Europe, Cap Digital and Anne-Lucie Grange, Coordination for the THD Platform, TECDEV
"Cap Digital Cluster for Digital Content and Services"  and "THD Platform"

Moderator:Laurent GascaPresentation:Laurent_Gasca_Moderator.pdf
Speakers:Kees RoversPresentation:Kees_Rovers.pdf
Dr. Bert SadowskiPresentation:Bert_Sadowski.pdf
Ton van den HovenPresentation:Ton_van_den_Hoven.pdf
Jonathan BartoliPresentation:Jonathan_Bartoli.pdf
Anne-Lucie GrangePresentation:Anne-Lucie_Grange.pdf

Breakout Session 12: Voice of the Industry

Leading vendors will showcase their FTTH solutions, and explain how their products are evolving to meet the challenges posed by mass-market deployment.


Martin Hatas, Member of the Board of Directors of the FTTH Council Europe


- Christian Scharpf, Director Services, Dätwyler Cables
"The Coherence of the Active and Passive Infrastructure in Dependency of the Operational Aspects and Business Model Enhancements"
- Jean Fehlbaum, Director Strategic Projects, Nexans
"FTTH Capex Optimisation by Infrastructure Sharing"
- Eng. Alessandro Pirri, Product Manager Networking Solutions, Prysmian Cables & Systems Telecom
"The Multiservice Concept in Hi-Tech Environment"
- Christophe de Saint-Martin, Director of Marketing for Western Europe, ZTE
"Promising Next Generation PON Networks"

Moderator:Martin HatasPresentation:Martin_Hatas_Moderator.pdf
Speakers:Christian ScharpfPresentation:Christian_Scharpf.pdf
Jean FehlbaumPresentation:Jean_Fehlbaum.pdf
Eng. Alessandro PirriPresentation:Alessandro_Pirri.pdf
Christophe de Saint-MartinPresentation:Christophe_de_Saint-Martin.pdf
Lunch Break
Keynote Speech by Taylor Reynolds

 by Taylor Reynolds, Economist, OECD

Speakers:Taylor ReynoldsPresentation:Taylor_Reynolds.pdf
Announcement Winners Innovation Awards

The FTTH Council Europe has organised for the first time the FTTH Innovation Awards. The winners will be in Lisbon and introduced on stage.


The award in the deployment and operation category has been won by Swisscom for its “FTTH robot”, a remotely operated mechanical device that can pass T-junctions and right-angle bends in underground duct systems. Instead of digging a work hole to access the junction, the robot can pull or push the cable to a more convenient location, which can reduce the overall cost of FTTH infrastructure deployment by up to 50 percent.


In the technical category, Alcatel-Lucent was awarded a trophy for its 10G-GPON prototype, a new high-capacity optical access system that brings together Long Term Evolution (LTE) mobile technology with the next-generation of PON equipment. The system includes specific technical features, such as synchronisation, required for the integration of mobile backhaul connections within a fibre-to-the-home network.


The winner in the business and services category is Plateforme THD, an experimental resource operated by the Cap Digital business cluster in the Greater Paris region. Once selected, businesses involved in an experimentation project gain access to the high-speed broadband test-bed, which includes internet hosting, usage evaluation schemes, and a consumer panel of FTTH users, as well as other services that range from technical assistance to public co-funding of the project. 17 innovative high-speed broadband services and content projects were carried out on Plateforme THD in 2009.

Presentation Global Ranking Update

As is now customary at the annual FTTH Conference, the three FTTH Councils will present the latest update of the FTTH Global Ranking highlighting the top FTTH/B countries in the world.


- Hartwig Tauber, Director General of the FTTH Council Europe
- Yoon Kun Loke, President of the FTTH Council Asia Pacific
- Joe Savage, President of the FTTH Council North America
- Nelson Hiroshi Saito, Chair of the Latin American Chapter of the FTTH Council North America
- Karel Helsen, President of the FTTH Council Europe 

Speakers:Hartwig TauberPresentation:GR_Hartwig_Tauber.pdf
Yoon Kun LokePresentation:GR_Yoon_Kun_Loke.pdf
Joe SavagePresentation:GR_Joe_Savage.pdf
Nelson Hiroshi SaitoPresentation:GR_Nelson_Hiroshi_Saito.pdf
Karel HelsenPresentation:Announcements.pdf
Plenary Session: FTTH Council Study Presentation

The FTTH Council Europe is known for its high quality studies about the benefits of FTTH. Several new studies were conducted in the last months. The long awaited results will be presented in this plenary session. The studies cover topics including socio-economic benefits, pricing of fibre services, benefits of new fibre services and fibre innovation.


-Ozgur Aytar, Senior Research Manager, Pyramid Research
"Pricing Strategies"
- Benoît Felten, Principal Analyst, Yankee Group and Roland Montagne, Director Telecoms Business Unit, IDATE
"FTTH Benefit Compendium"
- Benoît Felten, Principal Analyst, Yankee Group
"Socioeconomic Benefits"

Speakers:Ozgur AytarPresentation:Ozgur_Aytar.pdf
Benoît FeltenPresentation:Benoit_Felten.pdf
Roland Montagne and Benoît FeltenPresentation:Benefit_Compendium.pdf
Closing Remarks

Speakers:Karel HelsenPresentation:Karel_Helsen_Closing_Remarks.pdf
Closing Cocktail